Securion offers a suite of features to fit your mobile implementation plans.

What is RCD™ Tokenization?

– Highly secure, distributed fragmentation methodology 

– Technical and Structural security, to truely secure any and all digital assets 

– Supported by multiple US and Intl patents, and backed by a global Fintech and banking leader.


Technical and Logical Security

Combining our patented RCD™ technology with multiple user and rules based scenarios, Securion is the ultimate security and control solution for your critical digital assets.

Multiple Deployment Options

Offered as a Service or Deployed within your existing Enterprise Infrastructure, and also integrated into existing consumer or enterprise apps, Securen can secure your assets on your terms.

A new weapon for
Digital Security Developers

Securion can be built into your app, platform, and service. From CryptoWallet solutions digital custody, and any solution when secure storage of assets is critical – Securion can help get it done.

Securion is a product of FSP Technologies Inc

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